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I direct story-driven games


I love to capture visual stories.


My family is my foundation.


I’m always looking to create something.


Life is to explore!

A Brief Introduction

I enjoy immersing myself in creativity.  I tell meaningful stories, design immersive games, capture beautiful images, provoke intelligent conversation, create groovy music, develop cool ideas, learn new skills, craft curious widgets, and enjoying sharing everything I learn.

Professionally, I am a polymath.  I combine all of my creative and technical experiences in order to solve creative and technical problems that most people don’t even realize we have.  I’m a forward, and big-picture thinker, with the ability to execute on my visions at any level.

Life continues to be a fun adventure, one that I enjoy the journey more than the fleeting moments that are considered the destination.

Popular Blog Posts

DIY Wood Dungeon Master Screen

DIY Wood Dungeon Master Screen

Playing D&D is more than just a game, it's an experience. When I DM a session, I want my players to be engaged with the storytelling. I like adding visual elements when I can, like hand-outs, special artwork, character and monster tents. For the longest time I was...

Dungeon Master – Character & Monster Tents

Dungeon Master – Character & Monster Tents

Updated 3/13/2017 Inspired by the emails and feedback I've gotten from this article, I've decided to update all my tents and publish them on the DM's Guild called Ultimate Character and Monster Character Tents/Card Bundle.  The new tents and cards have all original...


Bike to Denver – An Unexpected Journey

Bike to Denver – An Unexpected Journey

I had a pretty rough day on Friday. As much as I love my job, sometimes there can be trouble in paradise. It was so rough that it was on my mind all weekend and dragging me down. Which is a shame because today, June 3rd, is supposed to be great: It’s Sharon and my...

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